Historic Guye Cabin and a beautiful March spring day
Photo by Chris Bizak


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The Washington Alpine Club (fondly known as "The WAC") is one of the oldest outdoor organizations in the northwest. According to the Tacoma Herald the WAC began in 1893 with the creation of Mount Rainier national Park. Then in 1916 the Cooperative Campers, a group of friends that spent summers together on the slopes of Mt. Rainier was created. The name was later changed to the Washington Alpine Club, with the objective: “to encourage the healthful enjoyment of the great outdoors, to preserve its natural beauty and to promote good fellowship among all lovers of nature.” 

Club activities include: backpacking, hiking, nature walks, canoe/kayak trips, mountain biking, climbing, cross-country skiing, telemark skiing, and snowshoeing. There is an annual New Snow Dinner on Snoqualmie Pass in December, Vegetarian Potluck in the winter, and Summer Party in the summer. We also do the Hog Loppet, organize the Snoqualmie Loppet ski tour, and the Winter Fun Day. Planned activities are published in the monthly bulletin and are available on the website at The Washington Alpine Club Web Site

Four Club Trips:

WA Alpine Club Mount Adams 12,276', Backcountry Ski SW Chutes

WA Alpine Club Annual Olympic Beach Cleanup

WA Alpine Club Historic Columbia River Trail Bike Ride

WA Alpine Club Klickitat Trail Bike Ride

The Washington Alpine Club offers a superb series of classes to our members. Instructors are club members who volunteer their time, enthusiasm and experience.  are offered as well. The WAC partners with other organizations from time to time to offer other relevant classes.

The Washington Alpine Club's Basic Climbing Class offers a basic but comprehensive introduction to the technical mountaineering skills required to travel safely over snowfields, glaciers, and high-angle rock.  The class size is small to preserve a high instructor to student ratio.  Students in the course are exposed to the full range of climbing skills, first in a classroom setting, and then in the mountains.

Registration begins by January 01 each year.

Intermediate Climbing-

The Intermediate Climbing Class of the Washington Alpine Club offers lead rock and ice climbing experience that builds on the mountaineering skills taught in the Basic Class. This course focuses on teaching the skills necessary to become competent climbing partners in technical rock, ice, and alpine environments and develop familiarity with leading in these environments. The class format follows that of the Basic Climbing Class. i.e. classroom sessions followed by field trips. Class size remains small to preserve a one to one, instructor to student ratio.
Check out some photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/Michael.T.Daly/IntermediateClassSelfRescue

Winter Backcountry Travel-
The Backcountry Travel class focuses on safe backcountry travel. The class is divided into groups of snowshoers, and skiers (AT (randonnee) & Telemark). A lack of snowboard instructors has caused the class to be closed to snowboarders in the past and may again in the future. The skiers are then further divided up by skiing ability. The class is limited to 25 students. Each touring section will be 5 students with 2 instructors. The first third of the course focuses entirely on Basic Avalanche Avoidance and Assessment and involves no time on skis. These skills are then further applied on two backcountry tours (one Day trip and one overnight). While out touring, students will learn about snow stability analysis, route selection, avalanche rescue techniques, winter navigation and camping, how to ski varied snow conditions, look good and have fun. Registration begins by January 01 each year.

Winter Backcountry Travel Class

First aid-
CPR/AED classes are offered every October through the cooperation of the Red Cross and Seattle Fire Department.

Wilderness Remote First Aid (WRFA) is a 20 hour first aid course for the wilderness traveler. CPR/AED is required with 16 hours of additional wilderness focused first aid training. The volunteer instructors are certified by the ARC. The class is held every November- a full weekend at beautiful Guye Cabin at Snoqualmie Pass. Sign up in September.

We are also working hard to train more instructors. We encourage the WRFA graduates to go on to take the WRFA Instructor classes (held in the spring and fall)

  Washington Alpine Club members on one of their July 04 ascents of Mount Adams!

We ski year round!

Telemark and Randonee Skiing-

We offer the NW's largest and best known telemark ski program, and have added a randonee program. From beginner all the way to advanced there is a section for you to improve and refine your skills! Our Wednesday evening series starts in January and continues for six weeks! Enrollment is open only to Club members. Registration begins in October each year.
More information on the WAC Telemark/Randonee Class

Nordic Skiing-
We offer Nordic skiing workshops for all levels of skiers. We might do a workshop each month in Jan. Feb. and March. A combination of  classic and skate.

Eli And Karel also lead the outstanding kids program beginning at age 4. There are two six week sessions. Sign up in December.
Junior Nordic Program

<- Our outstanding PSIA Level III Instructors Eli and Karel with students.

Interested? To find out more about the WAC classes just go to: Classes

Guye Cabin water color by Bill Mandeville

Guye Cabin in Winter

Guye Cabin-
Historic Guye Cabin is the jewel of the Alpine club. It serves as the focal point for many club activities and gatherings year-round. Begun in 1932, it has been added to over the years to become a beautiful rustic mountain lodge. It has a large communal kitchen, dining room, fireplace room, and dorm style sleeping for up to 75. It lies hidden in the trees along the Alpental road, at Snoqualmie Pass, just outside the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area. It has easy access to all the summit ski areas and the backcountry of Commonwealth Basin. Weekends the year round offer a peaceful mountain retreat. The property includes a mountain stream, the headwaters of the Snoqualmie River, alpine forest and lots of room to hike, snowshoe, ski, and play.
Guye Cabin and property is for the use of current members and their guests only.

The WAC was active in the creation of both Mount Rainier National Park, and The North Cascades National Park. We have twice hosted the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs annual convention. We have been active working for the creation of the Wild Sky Wilderness, and providing sensible input to the the I90 project, and the Summit Ski area expansion. We are working with many groups to provide input in issues that impact Snoqualmie Pass Washington Alpine Club Conservation and Recreation and are currently involved in maintaining Nordic Trails, expanding Snow Parks and non-motorized winter access at Snoqualmie Pass. Each year we commit a day to cleanup Hoh Beach in Olympic National Park. Photos - OlympicNationalParkBeachCleanup042311 | 107238100353092553277

Membership is open to everyone, regardless of experience or ability.  Our membership includes hikers, climbers, snowshoers, snowboarders, alpine skiers, X/C skiers (classic and skate) backcountry skiers, Telemarkers, serious expedition climbers, families with children, grandparents, conservation minded, and lovers of the outdoors!

Interested in joining the WAC?
We'd love to have you! Check the WAC website to learn more and sign up! You'll meet lots of great people, learn a new discipline, and have fun! Many WAC members join in their 20's and remain members for the rest of their lives!

The cost to join is only $45 per person! (This includes a onetime $15 initiation fee, and $30 yearly dues). You will receive our monthly bulletin and, if desired, join the WAC’s yahoo group discussion forum, set up for the exclusive benefit of WAC members. The WAC is a 100% volunteer organization!

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The Club's monthly newsletter is The Bulletin
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October 2014 -

2014 Bulletins

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2005 Bulletins

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Washington Alpine Club

Washington Alpine Club
P.0. Box 352
Seattle, WA 98111
Guye Cabin is a perfect base for summer activities, events, winter sports, or just to enjoy the comforts of a year round mountain lodge.

Guye Cabin was originally built in 1932 by a bunch of volunteers just like us. Several additions were built over the years. The work has always been done by volunteer work parties of Club members! We are working hard to make sure that maintenance and needed repairs are done to keep the Cabin in top condition. Our Cabin deserves our respect and care! 2012 will be the 80th anniversary of Guye Cabin!

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