Fred Slayter on the knife edge. of the summit ridge.

Robinson Mountain 8,726'


August 08, 2003




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The trailhead for Robinson Mountain is located off the Harts Pass Road near Mazama in the Pasayten Wilderness. It is number 31 on the Bulger 100 of Washington's highest mountains.

After camping at the Robinson Creek Trailhead, 2,600’, Fred Slayter, Pat O’Brien, and I got an early start. The first 2.3 miles along the Robinson Creek Trail is easy going. This trail is a favorite of horse parties.

After crossing Beauty Creek we turned on to the Beauty Creek Trail, and ascended to 5,200’ where the trail suddenly ends at a steep open meadow. Fred led the way, wanting us to gain as much elevation as possible before the morning sun reached us. Silver Star Mountain, 8,876’, with its east-facing glacier could be seen in the distance. We also had good views of North Gardner Mountain, 8,956’. 

The meadow gave way to open forest, before we reached the tarn at 6,700’. A tarn is a small shallow lake created by a receding glacier. The water is clear and cold. This area makes a fine campsite if you can find a level spot to pitch the tent of bivy.  

The fabled tarn! You can barely see Fred and Pat below. This is the bottom of the 500' talus and scree slope.

From the tarn is a 500’ talus and scree scramble up to Robinson’s Southeast Ridge. On an ill fated trip last year we followed this ridge from 6,200’ but ran out of time before the summit. It is technically more difficult, but avoids the talus and scree scramble.   

Looking North from the summit to other Bugler 100 summits.

It is more than a mile along the ridge to the summit. Mostly class 2, with a bit of easy class 3. The views along the way are fantastic in all directions. Ridge walks are one of the great pleasures of the mountains. We had a great view of big, forbidding Jack Mountain, 9,066’, far to the west, and all the giants of the Pasayten, including Monument 8,592’, and Lake 8,371’. There was a new summit register placed by Fay Pullen last fall. Fay is an avid backcountry skier. We have seen her name in many summit registers. 

An athletic, strenuous climb. 14 miles, 6,500’ elevation gain, over 9 hours.

Mike, Fred, and Pat on the summit.


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