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Remember when we read books? These are the still the best for The Grand Canyon Backcountry. A good guide tells you just enough without giving it away. There are recommended books here for all abilities!


Grand Canyon Treks I, II, III by Dr. Harvey Butchart, the master, has explored more of the Grand Canyon than anyone! Harvey doesn't give away the adventure! Now all three are together in one great volume! Grand Canyon Treks 12,000 miles through The Grand Canyon This is a must have for every Canyon hiker!

The Man Who Walked through Time by Colin Fletcher. This is not really a guide but an inspirational adventure book. Many of us have done this route now, but Colin had only Harvey Butchart for guidance! Recommended!

Loop Hikes I, II by George Steck. Two of the most popular backcountry books around. George provides detailed descriptions of routes from beginning to end! Loop Hikes I covers four routes, ranging in length from 6 to 9 days. This book covers the Cranberry Canyon route to Deer Creek and Thunder River. Loop Hikes II covers five more routes.

Hiking in The Grand Canyon Backcountry by J. D. Green, Jim Ohlman Editor. From first hand experience, this great guide includes the entire Park from Lees Ferry to the Grand Wash Cliffs!  If you have done all the trails and still want more then you need this book! You can order this excellent guide direct from Tower of Ra Publishing at 1-407-933-0314 or  AHAWK69214@AOL.COM

Official Guide to Hiking the Grand Canyon by Scott Thybony. Scott describes all of the trails in enough detail to make a fun and rewarding hike! Good basic information for new Canyon Hikers.

Hiking the Grand Canyon (A Sierra Club Totebook) by John Annerino. This book has been around a while and John has hiked a lot. It's a great resource with mileage logs, trail descriptions, ratings, history, water caches, and just about everything else you need to know to overnight or spend a couple of weeks in the Canyon.

The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons by John Wesley Powell. John Powell's gripping account of his 3-month 1869 expedition to explore the Colorado River territories. What started as a scientific expedition through the last uncharted territory of the continental United States turned out to be a harrowing adventure for John Wesley Powell and nine other men who set out to explore the Colorado River in 1869. Their story, recounted from Powell's journals, is as exciting today as it was when first published in 1874.

A Canyon Voyage: Narrative of the Second Powell Expedition Down the Green-Colorado River from Wyoming, and the Explorations on Land, in the Years 1871-72 by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh. At the time of the 2nd voyage down the Colorado, Dellenbaugh was on about 19 years old. Love and respect for the Green and Colorado Rivers is greatly enhanced by Dellenbaugh's narrative of the 2nd Powell expedition. Well written, accurate history, and spell binding from start to finish.

The Grand Canyon: Intimate Views by Robert C. Euler (Editor), Frank Tikalsky (Editor) Covers geology, biology, Indians, explorers, and provides details of rafting and hiking. Many excellent color plates.

Archaeology Geology and Paleobiology of Stantons Cave, Grand Canyon National Park Arizona by Robert C. Euler (Editor) One of the most interesting places in the Canyon!

A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon by Stephen R. Whitney. This is the most thorough traditional field guide to the Canyon, complete with pictures of flora and fauna for identification in the field. This is an informative guide for a hiker or visitor to the Grand Canyon to take along on their visit. I often look at this one at home! Most recently on snakes.

The Hidden Canyon: A River Journey by John Blaustein, Edward Abbey. Although millions of people visit Arizona's Grand Canyon each year, few experience the fear and thrill of rafting a dory for the 277 miles of the Colorado River. Blausten documents this  journey with his fantastic photographs of rock, whitewater, and wildlife; plus an 18-day journal from Edward Abbey; and an introduction from Martin Litton.

Hunting Badger Have you read the latest Tony Hillerman Mystery?

Grand Canyon, a Century of Change, the rephotography of the 1889-1890 Stanton Expedition
Robert H. Webb Amazing Rephotography of the 1889-1890 Stanton Expedition. They recreate the phorographs, and it's amazing what has and has not changed!

Beneath the Rim : A Photographic Journey through the Grand Canyon by C. C. Lockwood Through breathtaking photos, award-winning natural history photographer Lockwood allows readers to embark on dizzying adventures through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. From a dazzling sunrise over Cedar Mesa and breathtaking views from Lava Canyon and Crazy Jug Point, these captivating photos provides an enchanting panorama.

The Controlled Flood in Grand Canyon by Robert H. Webb, Editor Documents the research on the effect Glen Canyon Dam has had on the river and environment of the Colorado River downstream that led to the widely publicized experimental release of water in 1996. Also presents technical reports on the impact of the flooding on the hydrological, sediment transport, aquatic biology, and terrestrial ecology of the Grand Canyon and explores the scientific and economic implications for regulated rivers elsewhere in the world. Three large maps, folded into an envelope, illustrate the effects graphically.


For new, used, and rare Canyon books check out Five Quail Books - West Build your library! Dan and Diane have a new catalogue available!

To support non-profit groups that aid, protect, and teach about Grand Canyon please buy your books from:

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